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♠ about moi

Me? Well where to begin? I have many names I go by... Alice to many, Bella to some, Lissy to my sister, mizz or miccoon on teh interwebz... I'll answer to pretty much anything! I'm twenty and a creative writing student at university in England.

My journal is mostly full of either mad ramblings about life or fandom-related stuff; mainly fanfiction and art.

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♠ books && manga

My taste in books is pretty varied... My favourite novel is Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and I like anything to do with her or her sisters. I also like fantasy books, including Patricia A. McKillip's stuff and more science-fiction type stuff like Bareback by Kit Whitfield. I am a Twilight fan but I like to think I'm not the usual kind of annoying, pre-teen little kid. I was into vampires long before the fashion started and read Twilight about a year before it became big news. But I don't like everything... I detest Charles Dickens and William Golding; the former because I dislike the tempo of his prose and the conclusions his stories come to and the former because Lord of the Flies is possibly the most horrible book I have ever read.

Manga-wise... I can't afford much! But I have got the entire Death Note series and adore it. I'm collecting Beauty Pop at the moment but can never find the next volume I need! I read some manga online, including Ouran, Loveless and Junjou Romantica.

♠ films, tv && anime

I don't get much time to watch films at the moment but I have got a fair DVD collection... Though not my favourite film (Sliding Doors) surprisingly. Also in the collection are Ten Things I Hate About You, Moulin Rouge and Spirited Away (gotta love Studio Ghibli), among other things. And I love Johnny Depp.

I don't watch that much television but I do make time for some things... Examples are Skins, Mock the Week, QI, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Charlie and Lola (yes I am about six inside xD) and occasionally Gossip Girl.

Animes I like are Ouran, Death Note, Junjou Romantica, Sukisho, Loveless, Lucky Star... and I'm sure there are more!

♠ music

Oh god, my music tastes... Almost anything would pretty much cover it. My favourite singer is Kate Bush and my favourite band is BwO (formerly Bodies Without Organs). Other favourites include Regina Spektor, Paramore, Eva Cassidy, La Roux, Florence + The Machine, Little Boots, Empire of the Sun, Within Temptation, Flyleaf, Nightwish... I could go on. Pretty much anything but rap, hip hop, ridiculously emo music, anything from the X Factor and a few other selected artists.

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